Zoom Lessons with Peter Magadini

Zoom Lessons with Peter Magadini

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I am currently offering three program areas of study over Zoom:

1:  All-in-One, Learn to Play the Drumset. This is my method based on 45 years of professional teaching both with private students and in university programs. I use other volumes from the standard drumset literature, however, my book “Learn To Play The Drumset” is the heart of this program. Graduates of the course receive a signed “Certificate of Achievement” to put up in your studio or teaching facility.

2: “Polyrhythms the Musicians Guide”. For drummers and all musicians professionals or not (on any instruments) OR exclusively for drummers, it’s “Polyrhythms For The Drumset”. This is the book I worked through with master drummer Steve Smith as well as with many of other professional drummers. It’s difficult to go through but that’s the challenge – “Pete, I Love Your Book” …Cindy Blackman

3: Private Student You are a one-to-one with me, as a private student (I work with you and only you at each lesson). These lessons are weekly but I prefer bi-weekly. I will be your main drum teacher while you study with me. This program goes as long as we both feel the progress is worth the effort.*



All private lessons on Zoom are $80.00 per lesson, weekly or biweekly. Lessons are 45min. in duration.

For one lesson only, cost is $200.00 for an hour consultation, lesson and evaluation (this may go over 1 hour at no additional charge).

All lessons are paid in advance to my email address via PayPal.

Contact me first for and let me know your Zoom address, phone number and tell me something about (where you are) with your playing so far and we can then get started.

To schedule a Zoom lesso -, Contact Pete Magadini