Now accepting students for Zoom & Skype Lessons (Worldwide) and private students here in the Chicago area. I am always looking for serious players no matter what kind of music!

ONE HOUR EVERY OTHER WEEK ( Private,Skype or Zoom ) $85.00 …or $75.00 Weekly. ONE TIME ONLY (1&1/2 hr lesson)  $175.00

( note: space is limited so make sure you are a practicing drummer)

Now offering private instruction for drummers and drum students in Chicago and/or adjoining areas. The studio is located in downtown Chicago’s ‘South Loop’ and is a direct subway ride from both airports: if you are driving –  parking is not a problem. If you play other instruments and want to study just “polyrhythms” I do that as well.

*One hr. every-other week (preferred unless you are a practicing guru then once a week will work).  – or – in some exceptions: 40 minutes every week.

*Note: it’s not so much about weekly or bi-weekly as it is taking the time to have lessons assimilate.

Intermediate/advanced and professionals. I am looking for musicians interested in reaching 100% of their playing potential.

For lesson inquiries please email me directly @ my studio. drumsstop@gmail.com

Former students included: (Not enough space to fit everybody in but believe me you are there).

*Michael Shrieve (Carlos Santana/ Woodstock drum solo)
*Paul DeLong (one of Toronto’s 1st call drummers)

*Rich Matschulat ( Univ. of North Texas 1 o’clock lab band)
*Ches Smith (NYC playing with many top musicians including: Mary Halverson & Tim Berne)
*Mike Johnston (Lessons with Mike)
*Steve Smith (studied with me out of the book on the right + drummer with: Journey – Vital Information )
*Joann Blondin (Montreal, Quebec hard hitter and jazz phenom)
*Dave Brogan (drummer with ALO)
*Sam Ospovat (NYC freelance, band leader)
*Diane Vitalitch Ace of Cups (the first Haight Ashbury all female band)
*Steven Berkley (Nashville)
*Chad Wackermann – as a beginner ( drummer with: Frank Zappa)
*Matt Swindles (San Francisco recording artist)
*Dave Breckels (Toronto professional)
*Robert Lopez (SF Bay Area – Graduate Mills College))
*Daniel Pearce (NYC)
*Jordan Glenn (producer, band leader,drummer, composer)
*Eric Huang (up & coming Bay Area drummer + a Berklee graduate)
*Dave Mihal (top Toronto professional)
*Aaron Kierbel (World Music drumming master)
*Thom Gossage (Montreal 1st call / Roddy Ellias)
*Adam Brodsky (North Bay Area high school sensation USC Music undergrad)
*Dan Tomlison (Phoenix, Az. 1st call + Lyle Lovette band)
*Leah Bowden (Univ.of California at La Jolla drummer/percussionist)
*Cory Jerome Cox (master young drummer studied with me at the Brubeck Institute)
*Robert Kaufman (Jazz artist drum professor at Berklee College of Music) ————————————————————————————————————————————————-> Top photo taken from the program notes of: Ralph Angilillo’s 1st “Montreal Drumfest”
*Stephen Flinn (creative Drum Artist NYC)

*Nasser Addi (master of the “Algerian Beat”)
*Robert Kazenel (recording studios: Montreal & Austin, Tx)
*Steve Forman (percussion: Pink Floyd, Phil Collins, LA Studios) *Perry Pensieri ( Concordia University)

*Darius Minanee (funk,hip hop,heavy hitter)

*Tim Carr (“America” graduate California Institute of the Arts)
*Pierre Pineault ( Concordia University, Montreal Studios)
*Hal Solin (started lessons late however became a big band and show top call – a real success story)
*Dawn Richardson (top San Francisco drummer w. 4 Non Blonds, Shana Morrison, Tracy Chapman)
*Nick de Ryss (SF Bay Area &)

*Larry Mansbridge (drummer and former VP Yamaha Drums, Canada)
*Katrine Spang-Hanssan (drummer,band leader and Las Vegas performer)
*Chris Marrow (Chicago top student) Now a scholarship Masters student @ The University of Illinois)

*Rafael Costas (business professional/now plays with professionals)

*Robert Fernandez (percussionist LA studios)


The set in the private lesson studio.>>>>