Private Study

Private Study

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NEW:  I WILL soon BE OFFERING (WORLDWIDE) PRIVATE SKYPE Drum LESSONS / Contact me thru the website link

“contact” and tell me about what level you think you are now playing: I will also be teaching a Polyrhythm course (for all musicians)

from the book: “Polyrhythms The Musicians Guide”

The drumset course from my book: “All -In – One – “Learn to Play the Drumset” – will include a limited enrollment course for beginners.

…and for the really advanced I will be teaching from my book “Polyrhythms For The Drumset”

I have a list of students waiting for me to get this together. The first thing I suggest you do is get yourself on the list.



Now accepting a limited number of (serious) students for private study at the Chicago Studio.

All lessons are bi-weekly. Please include a short resume about your drumming self with your inquiry. / or contact me from the “contact” link of

this website