Polyrhythms The Chicago Clinic

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It has been about a year since this was recorded and documented here in Chicago. The drum shop uses the Music Garage Studio space for the clinic and there was a full house.This clinic covers both of my polyrhythm books (as much as can be done at a clinic) and then it has been edited down to 45 minutes. Hopefully it will answer a lot of questions on the topic plus show some of the advanced musicians how the some of the harder stuff sounds. Actually it’s never that difficult once you work your way up to it. The announcment of the official release date (on YouTube) is right around the corner (spring 2019)

Classic gig in Chicago (Friday September 28th)

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Can these guys play? You bet ! …big time young Chicago players.

This was recorded and is out in a video format on youtube now:

Pete Magadini “Straight No Chaser” T. Monk …with “fusion” groove


Julius Tucker piano

Christian Dillingham bass

Pete Magadini drums

DOWNLOAD @ no charge “The Official 26 Polyrhythm Rudiments”

DOWNLOAD @ no charge “The Official 26 Polyrhythm Rudiments”

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Here’s a free download of my “Official 26 Polyrhythm Rudiments”!

Please note, when learning and playing the 26 Polyrhythm Rudiments an underlying basic pulse is required and is written below each rudiment. This is vital because this is what makes the rudiments polyrhythmic. Utilizing a metronome or tapping your foot (i.e. playing the bass drum) is suggested or you may prefer doing both at the same time.  Enjoy!

Download: The 26 Polyrhythm Rudiments

Recorded version:   


Note: The recorded version of The 26 Polyrhythm Rudiments may be purchased and downloaded at CD baby for $5.00. First, all rudiments are played, as they are normally played, in their original form and then played as the Polyrhythm Rudiment. Why only practice rudiments in one dimension when you can practice them in two? It’s challenging but well worth it. (…for drummers who want to play everything they play even better )

NEW “All in One – Learn to Play The Drumset”

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Just released by: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation: – The (updated) version of my two books “Learn to Play The Drumset” Vol. l and “Learn to Play the Drumset” Vol. ll –
It is: (1) a beginning book (for those just starting out ) and (2) slowly morphs into an advanced book. These are the materials I use and what I have taught to hundreds of great students through the the years of which some have become top drummers with recognizable names.

* Check out the back cover for all that is included in the “new” version “All -In-One-Learn To Play The Drumset” plus since then I have added new concepts to my program which are included in this book..

There are now video links, to on-line content, of exercises and patterns found through-out the entire book.

Note: Before going to: Amazon.com and /or other on – line retailers please check with your local sheet music store / drum shop or all encompassing music store in your area – ask THEM to order it, if they don’t have it already or search on line for: “All In One Learn To Play The Drumset”

* For those who complete the entire book we are offering a personal “Certificate of Achievement” (diploma) signed by me personally. It is a robust, gold embossed 8×10  award that is presented to you (in your name) – just pass the compulsory exam, that shows you can play the material, then contact me thru the website when your ready to take the exam.
drum solo “Cherokee”

drum solo “Cherokee”

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An up-tempo drum solo build on the changes and form to the Jazz (standard) classic “Cherokee”

Andre White: piano

Alec Walkington: bass

Private Study

Private Study

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NEW:  I am now OFFERING (WORLDWIDE) PRIVATE SKYPE Drum LESSONS / Contact me thru this website link “contact” and tell me about what level you think you are now playing: I will also be teaching a Polyrhythm course (for all musicians)

from the book:  “Learn to Play The Drumset”

The drumset course from my book: “All -In – One – “Learn to Play the Drumset” – will include a limited enrollment course for beginners. This course offers a diploma signed by myself on completion of the book.

…and for the really advanced I will be teaching from my book “Polyrhythms For The Drumset”

I have a list of students waiting now. to get on the list contact me from the “Contact” link on this website.



Now accepting a limited number of (serious) students for private study at the Chicago Studio.

All lessons are bi-weekly. Please include a short resume about your drumming self with your inquiry.

pmagagdini@gmail.com / or contact me from the “contact” link of this website.

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