Inquire HERE about the Skype lesson program commencing February 2018

Inquire HERE about the Skype lesson program commencing February 2018

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There will be 3 areas of study:

(1) based upon: “All-In-One-Learn To Play The Drumset”

This is my method based on 45 years of professional teaching both with private students and in college and University programs. The focus is on drumset from beginner to advanced and this course offers a signed (by me) “Certificate of Achievement” diploma upon completion. In addition I also use other volumes from standard drumset literature however – “All In One Learn To Play The Drumset” – is the heart of this program and it’s goal is to graduate.

(2) “Polyrhythms The Musicians Guide” – for more advanced players and professionals (on any instruments) and, exclusively for drummers, it’s “Polyrhythms For The Drumset”. This is the book that I worked thru with master drummer Steve Smith and as I have also done so with many of other professional drummers. It’s difficult to go thru but that ‘s the challenge – and what it does for your own playing (in all genres of music) is well worth the effort.

(3) (Private Student) Is all of the above: You then become a “one on one” private student – as I work with you and only you at each lesson – These lessons are once every two weeks. I would then become your main drum teacher, while your studying with me, and this program goes as long as you feel the progress is worth the effort.

All private lessons are based on an hourly rate of $80 per hour to $100 dollars for 1/12 hrs.

Class lessons will be less.

*If interested: contact me using the “contact” link on this website and let me know which program you may be for you.

The Paradiddle Polyrhythm Pyramid

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It was going to be the “Paradiddle Polyrhythm Rudiment” (#16) but finally I opted for another to replace it. Not that I don’t like it, I really do, it’s just too long to be one drum rudiment and it makes a formidable polyrhythm exercise in paradiddles.

Keep time with a metronome or your Hi Hat & Bass Drum feet or both. If some of the polyrhythms are too difficult at first then skip over those. You will get them later.

Download The Paradiddle Polyrhythm Pyramid

NEW “All in One – Learn to Play The Drumset”

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This has just been released by: Hal Leonard Publishing – It is the (updated) version of my two books “Learn to Play The Drumset” Vol.l

and “Learn to Play the Drumset” Vol.ll – It is a beginning book (for those just starting out ) and becomes

(while slowly morphing into an advanced book) what I have taught to many top drummers in all my years of teaching.

Check out the back cover for all that is included in the book.

Plus it now has video links, to on-line content, throughout the entire book.

Go to: and search “All In One Learn To Play The Drumset”

Both books were popular on their own and this one is all that plus a lot of added new stuff as well. I promise if you go thru it

you will be considered “bad-ass” in the drum community! Plus I am offering a personal diploma to all who complete the entire book.

drum solo “Cherokee”

drum solo “Cherokee”

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An up-tempo drum solo build on the changes and form to the Jazz (standard) classic “Cherokee”

Andre White: piano

Alec Walkington: bass

Private Study

Private Study

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NEW:  I WILL soon BE OFFERING (WORLDWIDE) PRIVATE SKYPE Drum LESSONS / Contact me thru this website link “contact” and tell me about what level you think you are now playing: I will also be teaching a Polyrhythm course (for all musicians)

from the book: “Polyrhythms The Musicians Guide”

The drumset course from my book: “All -In – One – “Learn to Play the Drumset” – will include a limited enrollment course for beginners. This course offers a diploma signed by myself on completion of the book.

…and for the really advanced I will be teaching from my book “Polyrhythms For The Drumset”

I have a list of students waiting now. to get on the list contact me from the “Contact” link on this website.



Now accepting a limited number of (serious) students for private study at the Chicago Studio.

All lessons are bi-weekly. Please include a short resume about your drumming self with your inquiry. / or contact me from the “contact” link of this website.

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