NEW “All in One – Learn to Play The Drumset”

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Just released by: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation: – The (updated) version of my two books “Learn to Play The Drumset” Vol. l and “Learn to Play the Drumset” Vol. ll –
It is: (1) a beginning book (for those just starting out ) and (2) slowly morphs into an advanced book. These are the materials I use and what I have taught to hundreds of great students through the the years of which some have become top drummers with recognizable names.

* Check out the back cover for all that is included in the “new” version “All -In-One-Learn To Play The Drumset” plus since then I have added new concepts to my program which are included in this book..

There are now video links, to on-line content, of exercises and patterns found through-out the entire book.

Note: Before going to: and /or other on – line retailers please check with your local sheet music store / drum shop or all encompassing music store in your area – ask THEM to order it, if they don’t have it already or search on line for: “All In One Learn To Play The Drumset”

* For those who complete the entire book we are offering a personal “Certificate of Achievement” (diploma) signed by me personally. It is a robust, gold embossed 8×10  award that is presented to you (in your name) – just pass the compulsory exam, that shows you can play the material, then contact me thru the website when your ready to take the exam.