Polyrhythms and The Chicago Clinic

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The Clinic took place and was documented in Chicago on March 25th 2018. The sponsor (Vic’s Drum Shop) used the Music Garage Studio space for this clinic as their large rooms provide space for sold out crowds.This clinic covers topics from (both) my books on polyrhythms  (as much as can be covered in a single clinic); It was then edited down to 45 minutes. Hopefully it answers  some of the more common questions on the topic plus there are demonstrations as to how some of the more advanced excercises and solos sound when played up to tempo. By the way –  it’s never that difficult once you work your way up to being able to play them. Here are the links:

BTW I have heard this comment from time to time:

…”I don’t play anything I cannot dance to”  Hmmm well if

it’s learning polyrhythms that your referring then …WHAT are you talking about??

Here are some cultures that dance to polyrhythms no problem

1) Most all of Africa and North Africa

(Watussi Dance) from the 1950’s film: King Solomons Mines (Rwanda)

2) Most of Brazil

3) Most all of the countries that play “Latin Music”

4) Most all of South and North Classical Music and dance of India.

…and of course most of all those cultures all include polyrhythms in their music as well.

Then there us! Western Man – We do have very talented musicians and composers and a few internationally recognized orchestra composers and some very adventurous hard rock /metal / electronic punk bands who think way beyond the “normal” plus Frank Zappa for another.

But most of us need to take the time to practice and learn how poly-meters and polyrhythms work / how they sound and how to actually how play and improvise using them. If you do – then I promise that your already fine musicianship  will become even better! by a lot!!