DOWNLOAD @ no charge “The Official 26 Polyrhythm Rudiments”

DOWNLOAD @ no charge “The Official 26 Polyrhythm Rudiments”

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Here’s a free download of my “Official 26 Polyrhythm Rudiments”!

Please note, when learning and playing the 26 Polyrhythm Rudiments an underlying basic pulse is required and is written below each rudiment. This is vital because this is what makes the rudiments polyrhythmic. Utilizing a metronome or tapping your foot (i.e. playing the bass drum) is suggested or you may prefer doing both at the same time.  Enjoy!

Download: The 26 Polyrhythm Rudiments

Recorded version:   

Note: The recorded version of The 26 Polyrhythm Rudiments may be purchased and then downloaded from: There is a $5.00 Paypal charge for the audio download.

Why only practice rudiments in one dimension when you can practice them in two? It’s challenging but well worth it. (…for drummers who want to play everything they play even better )