NEW “All in One – Learn to Play The Drumset”

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This has just been released by: Hal Leonard Publishing – It is the (updated) version of my two books “Learn to Play The Drumset” Vol.l

and “Learn to Play the Drumset” Vol.ll – It is a beginning book (for those just starting out ) and becomes

(while slowly morphing into an advanced book) what I have taught to many top drummers in all my years of teaching.

Check out the back cover for all that is included in the book.

Plus it now has video links, to on-line content, throughout the entire book.

Go to: and search “All In One Learn To Play The Drumset”

Both books were popular on their own and this one is all that plus a lot of added new stuff as well. I promise if you go thru it

you will be considered “bad-ass” in the drum community! Plus I am offering a personal diploma to all who complete the entire book.